вторник, 15 мая 2012 г.

by Ernst Haas

June 1968: Cars outside an entrance way seen through a windscreen at nightime. New York, 1953. A view from a moving car as it passes the Western Skies Motel in stormy weather, Colorado, USA, March 1977. Mountains can be seen reflected in the wing mirror. A reflection in a window in Greenwich Village, New York City, circa 1970. Three friends look down from a balcony in New Orleans, 1960. New York City, USA, 1981 1978: A cloudy night sky over the Western Skies Motor Motel in Colorado. 1955: Piazza San Marco with its inlaid pavement and pigeons, in the foreground a large flagpole (left). USA, circa 1970. New Mexico, USA, 1975 An abstract close-up of patterns formed by layers of torn posters with a depiction of a human eye at the centre, USA, circa 1970. New Orleans, 1957. New York City, circa 1950s. Rita Moreno, George Chakiris and Russ Tamblyn in West Side Story (left), 1957: A bronco rider hangs onto his mount at a California rodeo. Shadow on Pavement, Germany, 1977 Pedestrians crossing a New York street in winter time cast long shadows, 1980. circa 1955: Railings in Times Square, New York on a wet day. Lights from a neon sign and a stained glass window, reflected in a swimming pool, California, USA, July 1977. A display of shoes with the sign 'Public Notary' in New York, circa 1960. Buildings on Third Avenue, New York reflected in a shop window, 1952. 1953: On 5th Avenue, New York, pedestrians and buildings reflected almost perfectly in a window. Albuquerque, New Mexico, 1969 Central Park, New York, 1952 New York, USA, 1974 New Orleans, USA, 1960 Mexico, 1970 Skyscrapers rise into the fog above New York City, circa 1980. Billboard Painter, NY, 1952 Handball, Central Park, NY, 1974 A driver waiting in traffic, New York, circa 1973.